Create questionnaires for you and your customers


Gather and manage your respondents’ data

You want to create your own assessments

Demonstrate your expertise


U-Diag. is your intelligent tool for creating, publishing and modifying your questionnaires, scoring and analyses:

  • Define the purpose of your analysis
  • Configure your criteria
  • Customise your reports
  • Manage and share your assessments

You can then share your analysis with your prospects, contacts or customers in a customised report in real time


  • Mandatory or not
  • Display conditions
  • With or without responses
  • Automatic validation
  • Personal style (CSS)


  • Radio button for unique choice
  • Checkbox button for multiple choices
  • Dropdown lists
  • File
  • Text field
  • Text bloc area
  • Images
  • Date


  • Progress bar
  • Answer summary page
  • Automatic sending of the report to the user
  • Automatic sending of the report to the owner
  • White label (report & form)
  • Questionnaire and report directly on your site


  • Customizable reports to your brand
  • Choice of elements to display
  • Scoring / Evaluation
  • Suggestions
  • Notation
  • Criteria
  • Graphics

Jean-Louis Brelet
Entrepreneur Avenue

The method used to create the assessments is quick and simple. It’s easy to create understandable, relevant report formats. I would recommend U-Diag to experts who are looking to develop their networks and expand their reach

To gather and use your prospects’ data

Statistics, information and scoring


U-Report. to gather and administer data and questions received from your contacts:

  • Define your data requirements
  • Select the appropriate assessments
  • Administer and share your assessments
  • Administer and use the data collected

Get access to a simple, effective analysis and processing tool that adds value to the data you collect

Gilles Chetelat

I regularly use U-Report assessments to evaluate and select the investment proposals I receive in just a few minutes. I select the appropriate assessment and ask the project sponsor to run it. It’s always interesting to combine an analytical approach with a traditional examination of a scenario

Examples of assessments :

Explore some examples of assessments and analysis reports.

Tailor-made solutions :

Need some help? Do you want a tailor-made assessment in your own colours?

Our teams are on hand to discuss your project and offer you turnkey solutions. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.